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Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Tue Nov 22 07:59:25 UTC 2011

On 22.11.11 12:58, Binu B Nair wrote:
>I am facing a very strange problem.

>On sending a DNS query for sabbia0 at I do not get a 
> DNS response from the resolver.  It shows a SERVEFAIL error.

maybe because it's not valid domain name, because of the "@" character.

>However on flushing the cache, this error subsides and the DNS look up 
> is working fine.  As per the initial analysis this is my finding:

I don't even see "" from here. Are you a 
customer? maybe it has broken NS records, and they are only visible 
from their network...

>1.       DNS lookup for the hostname was getting responded from the cache
>2.       On restarting named the cache got cleared

>In case 1 can anyone please advise why the resolver was caching a "serverfail" response?

Maybe it's not caching thge response, but unable to find the name.

>Is it a bind characteristics to store all responses - positive and negative?

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