Bind 9.9.0b2 inline signing...

Spain, Dr. Jeffry A. spainj at
Thu Nov 24 16:11:14 UTC 2011

> dig axfr | grep -v RRSIG. Tony.
> dig axfr | grep -v RRSIG | grep -v TYPE65534 | grep -v DNSKEY | grep -v NSEC3PARAM. JP.
> dig axfr zone | awk '$4 !~ "^NSEC$|^NSEC3$|^RRSIG$" {print}'. Shumon.

Thank you, gentlemen. These are very helpful. As we are primarily Windows users, I have had a tendency to dig axfr from my Windows workstation and remove the DNSSEC-related records with a regular expression search in my text editor. I really should take the time to learn more about grep and awk. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Jeff.

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