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Fri Nov 25 09:25:36 UTC 2011


I am having a problem,

I am signing a zone with opendnssec,

After signing it seems fine and

If issue a

*dig @[dnssec-aware-recursive-server] [zone] +dnssec SOA*

from this [*dnssec-aware-recursive-server*]

And the answer is returned with RRSIGS and ad bit

But after some time if I issue again i get SERVFAIL and checking the
logs i get this

25-Nov-2011 09:16:09.111 debug 3: validating @0xb93ccf28: zone SOA: starting
25-Nov-2011 09:16:09.111 debug 3: validating @0xb93ccf28: zone SOA:
attempting positive response validation
25-Nov-2011 09:16:09.111 info: validating @0xb93ccf28: zone SOA: bad
cache hit (zone/DNSKEY)
25-Nov-2011 09:16:09.111 debug 3: validator @0xb93ccf28:

But after sometime again i get good results with no error

I wonder if anyone has ever got the error

I have checked dig +cd and i get answers perfectly so I suppose its
dnssec issue

and i have checked if the RRSIG are expired and its not the case as they
are not even close to expiry.

I will appreciate.

[ Bryton | Systems Engineer | .tzNIC | ]

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