Bind takes a long time to resolve requests

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Oct 4 22:29:32 UTC 2011

In message <CAFpOY6rEW5ebKPC3JBB=ROfn8njdEhhxJqS2RN6CCfqRo0_tFQ at>
, Pablo Maurelli writes:
> hello, pick up a dns server with bind9, is resolving claims, but it takes
> time to resolve a lot, sometimes throw timeout error and the second time
> resolved, any ideas?
> I pass below my named.conf, host.conf and nsswitch.conf
> from already thank you very much.
> Regards!
This sounds like a upstream problem where a firewall in block DNS UDP
messages bigger than 512 bytes or dropping fragmentent packets.

Can you resolv "dig txt" and "dig txt"?

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