named resolution problem

Hauke Lampe lampe at
Wed Oct 5 11:17:40 UTC 2011

On 05.10.2011 12:58, Roberto Bosticardo wrote:

> If you ask a resolver/cache server running named the resolution of name
> "" it returns (SERVFAIL), if you ask the same to a
> dnscache server it correctly resolves to the ip address.

BIND doesn't like NS records resolving to CNAMEs:

The domain is delegated to two servers:		60	IN	NS		60	IN	NS

Resolving the server names reveals CNAMEs:	60	IN	CNAME	60	IN	CNAME

That is a configuation error at and BIND returns SERVFAIL.
Unbound and dnscache are more forgiving in this case.


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