SRV record "(out of zone) is a CNAME (illegal)"

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Oct 11 01:49:13 UTC 2011

In message <322681e404789f1307553936e4e18d61 at>, "enigmedia
" writes:
> Hi All: I'm trying to set up a SRV record for a zone, and when I run checkzon
> e I
> see the following error:
> [root at default root]# named-checkzone -w /var/named db.mydomain.c
> om
> TTL set to prior TTL (3600)
> zone
> '' (out of zone) is a CNAME (illegal)
> My SRV record is:
> _sip._tls       SRV 100 1 443
> Is there something wrong with my SRV record, or is this just a warning about
> pointing to a different domain?

It is warning that it is pointing to a alias (CNAME) as getaddrinfo()
returned a different canonical name when was
looked up.  Current versions of named-checkzone display the canonical
name getaddrinfo() returns in the error message.


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