host versus nslookup

Jerry K dns.bind.list at
Thu Oct 13 01:04:25 UTC 2011

AIX also does something similar.

On 10/12/11 05:09 PM, Kevin Darcy wrote:

> As far as I know, only HP-UX has hacked nslookup to look at /etc/hosts.
> And I don't think it even looks at the "switch" file or other naming
> sources (e.g. Yellow Plague). HP-UX's nslookup "enhancement" is a
> one-off, I believe.
> On most platforms, the only way that nslookup is "closer" to the OS
> name-resolution mechanism than dig is that nslookup will do
> suffix-searching, whereas dig will not. But even then, I think nslookup
> uses its own version of the resolver library to do that, so if one is
> trying to troubleshoot a problem with the OS'es suffix-searching
> behavior using nslookup, one might be comparing apples to grapefruit
> (or, since we're talking about nslookup here, perhaps I should say
> uglyfruit).
>                                             - Kevin

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