CNAME record for the root of the domain

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Mon Oct 17 11:40:46 UTC 2011

On Oct 16 2011, Kevin Oberman wrote:

>2011/10/16 Niccolò Belli <darkbasic at>:
>> I'm sorry but I still didn't understand if it's possible to do it with some
>> workaround, and if yes HOW to do it.
>No, you can' have a CNAME at the top of a zone. A zone requires an SOA
>and CNAMEs cannot co-exist with ANY other record.
>Depending on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, you might get there by:
>1. A DNAME in the parent. This aliases the entire domain, so this
>might or might not do what you want.

DNAMEs do not redirect their own name, so neither a DNAME at the zone
apex (which is legal) nor one in the parent would have the effect of
a "CNAME at the apex".

A *CNAME* in the parent would, but only as long as you didn't mind
losing all the rest of the zone.

>2. Use a A (and other records as needed) instead of a CNAME.

This is, of course, the usual solution.

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