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Create an entry for just the domain and be sure to add a dot to the end so it doesn't append the domain name:  IN A
www     IN A

Without the dot the domain is appended so that without a dot would actually be seen as   With the dot it is seen simply as

www in the above is NOT completed with a dot so that it is actually seen as

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I'm new to Bind. My previous registrar (or was it the hosting
provider?) was so kind to manage DNS for me. But now I'm required to
configure a DNS server in the very same VPS that hosts the HTTP and
mail server.

I've managed to set it running and (apparently) working after reading
some quick tutorials and a good deal of trial/error. A little issue
persists: I'd like the domain to be reached through HTTP as
"", but it only works as "". The
examples are all about configuration with several machines, so I did
my best to adapt them. But I'm stuck now and a little afraid to touch
and lose what already works.

I'm using bind9 in ubuntu 11.04 server. A forwarder is set in the
options file. The rest of the configuration is like this:


zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/zones/";

zone "" {
    type master;
    notify no;
    file "/etc/bind/zones/";


$TTL 604800 IN SOA (
IN A IN MX 10 IN MX 10

www IN A


$TTL 604800
@ IN SOA (
    2001180909 ; serial number
    3h         ; refresh
    15m        ; update retry
    3w         ; expiry
    3h )       ; minimum

@ IN NS www.
194 IN PTR



    Nico Aragón
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