DNS Sinkhole in BIND

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I’m confused – does the OP want to block or does he want to redirect.  “block/redirect” are two different things.   What I wrote will block.   If he wants to redirect that’s fine but I don’t think he’d want to redirect to his real webserver – why send bogus traffic there and also take the risk that being so directed the bad user will be able to hack?   Dropping the packet in DNS stops it cold.   (Not saying they can’t get to web server’s via legitimate paths but it appears the OP has know malefactors.)   Is the OP building a honeypot?

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I do this. There may now be a smarter way, but I have a small number so this is manageable for me: configure zones for each of the evil zones. Your server will appear authoritative and you can direct clients wherever you like. I direct some of mine to a virtualhost handing out 503 errors.

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On Oct 17, 2011 13:46, babu dheen <babudheen at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
YOu are obsolutely correct Chris.. I want to block/redirect all malware domain request intiated by clients by setting up DNS SINKHOLE in Redhat BIND server.

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> Can anyone help me how to setup DNS Sinkhole in BIND on Linux 32 bit edition.

All the replies to this so far seem to assume that he wants to block evil
entities from using his nameservers. But Google seems to suggest that
"DNS Sinkhole" usually refers to redirecting names that are being used
for evil purposes to e.g. a local monitoring station - not the same thing
at all.

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