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On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 9:47 PM, Stephen Grant Brown
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> Hi All,
> In the readme1st.txt files that comes with Bind 9.8.1 for Windows I read
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> With BIND running under an account name it is necessary for all
> files and directories that BIND uses to have permissions set up for
> the named account if the files are on an NTFS disk. BIND requires
> that the account have read and write access to the directory for
> the pid file, any files that are maintained either for slave zones
> or for master zones supporting dynamic updates. The account will
> also need read access to the named.conf and any other file that it
> needs to read.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have looked for the named account but cannot find it.
> Can someone explain this in more detail please? Or at least point me to a
> more informative explanation?

You need to create a named account on the system and set the ownership
and protections of the files as stated. named should be able to read
the named.conf file, but should not own it or have write access to it.
named must have read access to all zone files as well as both read and
write to the directory where they are located.
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