DNSSEC and EDNS behavior

Taylor, Gord gord.taylor at rbc.com
Thu Oct 20 14:06:58 UTC 2011

We had a similar issue here (although the cause was CheckPoint's
SmartDefence being turned on for a business partner, which prevented
EDNS0 packets). The behaviour is that BIND 9 will attempt EDNS0 3 times,
then fail back to EDNS disabled. It will clear any backlog of queries
FOR THAT SAME NAME, then revert back to using ENDS0.

Gord Taylor (CISSP, GCIH, GEEK) | Senior Network Analyst, Internet
Technologies | Royal Bank of Canada 

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does anybody know, how BIND running as DNS caching resolver makes
decision for disabling EDNS0 OPT query sent to a certain nameserver it
is talking to?

What are the situations (timeouts, FORMERR .. etc)  to mark the server
as unable to speak EDNS0? (add_bad)

How can be server recovered again as EDNS0 capable?

We got a situation when our authoritative nameserver retuned damaged
data and BIND (BIND 9.7.3-P3 on CentOS 6 2.6.32-71.29.1.el6.i686 32bit)
evaluated it as FORMERR.

After that, it talked to our server without EDNS0 even if there was a
EDNS0 OPT included in the previous response..

Only recovery was to flush cache.

Thanks for replies

Milan Leszkow
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