How to configure Bind9 to forward AAAA records only?

Bear jilingshu at
Mon Apr 2 10:13:13 UTC 2012

hi all,
I installed bind9 on my server and configure it to forward all queries 
to my ISP DNS, it's works great. But I found sometimes, when a domain 
have both AAAA and A records, my operating system (iOS and Windows) will 
access IPv4 address instead of IPv6 one, which I don't expected.
Now I wanna configure my bind9 to forwards all queries and check them -- 
if my ISP DNS return both AAAA and A records, just return AAAA records 
to client and drop A records.
Is this possible? How to do with it? Thanks.

BTW: Some domains, such as "", have both AAAA and A records, 
but the latency of IPv4 is less that that of IPv6, so I have to 
specified some domain to override the rules above....

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