Forwarding based on Client IPs

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Wed Apr 4 06:35:19 UTC 2012

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, Siju George writes:
> Hi,
> Currently I am using Bind9 for DNS.
> I wish to do the following forward.
> 1. Forward to domain Name Servers based on client IPS.
>     a. Forward one set of LAN users to OpenDNS DNS servers soo that I
> can restrict them
>     b. Forward a second set of LAN users to google DNS server
>     c. Forward a third set of LAN users by default through OpenDNS
> but for some domains through google DNS.
> Could you please let me know if this is possible with Bind9 or any
> other DNS server?

You can do this with 3 views and forwarder declarations.  For the last
view use forward zones to send the queries to the other server.
> Thanks
> Siju
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