BIND 9.8.2 is now available

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  BIND 9.8.2 is the latest production release of BIND 9.8.

  This document summarizes changes from BIND 9.8.1 to BIND 9.8.2.
  Please see the CHANGES file in the source code release for a complete
  list of all changes.


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Security Fixes

  + BIND 9 nameservers performing recursive queries could cache an
    invalid record and subsequent queries for that record could
    crash the resolvers with an assertion failure. [RT #26590]

Feature Changes

  + RPZ implementation now conforms to version 3 of the specification.
    [RT #27316]

  + It is now possible to explicitly disable DLV in named.conf by
    specifying "dnssec-lookaside no;". This is the default, but the
    ability to configure it makes it clearly visible to administrators.
    [RT #24858]

  + --enable-developer, a new composite argument to the configure
    script, enables a set of build options normally disabled but
    frequently selected in test or development builds, specifically:
    enable_fixed_rrset, with_atf, enable_filter_aaaa, enable_rpz_nsip,
    enable_rpz_nsdname, and with_dlz_filesystem (and on Linux and
    Darwin, also enable_exportlib) [RT #27103]

Bug Fixes
  + Named could dereference a NULL pointer in  zmgr_start_xfrin_ifquota
    if the zone was being removed. [RT #28419]

  + A parser bug could cause named to crash while reading a malformed
    zone file. [RT #28467]

  + Fixed a problem preventing proper use of 64 bit time values in
    libbind. [RT # 26542]

  + isccc/cc.c:table_fromwire could fail to free an allocated object on
    error, leading to a possible memory leak condition. [RT #28265]

  + Fixed a build error on systems without ENOTSUP.  [RT #28200]

  + The header file isc/hmacsha.h is now installed when building BIND.
    [RT #28169]

  + Resolves spurious test failures in by updating it to work
    correctly with Net::DNS 0.68 [RT  #28028]

  + The managed key maintenance timer could fail to restart after 'rndc
    reconfig' resulting in managed keys not being properly added to
    managed-keys.bind [RT #27686]

  + Corrects a potential overflow problem in the computation of
    RRSIG expiration times. [RT #23311]

  + The maximum number of NSEC3 iterations for a DNSKEY RRset was
    not being properly computed.  [RT #26543]

  + Error reporting has been improved for failures encountered
    when sending or receiving network packets.  In particular
    some memory allocation failures were being logged as "unexpected
    error" - these will now be reported accurately.  A new
    ISC_R_UNSET result code has also been added to cover those
    situations where there is no error code returned by the OS
    sockets implementation.  [RT #27336]

  + Corrects an INSIST failure by addressing race conditions in
    the handling of rbtnode.deadlink. [RT #27738]

  + SOA refresh queries could be treated as cancelled despite
    succeeding over the loopback interface. [RT #27782]

  + When replacing an NS RRset, BIND now restricts the TTL of the
    new NS RRset to no more than that of the NS RRset it replaces
    to fix a timing problem that can arise when removing a delegation.
    [RT #27792/27884]

  + Raw zones with with more than 512 records in a RRset previously
    failed to load. [RT #27863]

  + Make sure automatic key maintenance is started when "rndc reconfig"
    is issued if "auto-dnssec maintain" is turned on. [RT #26805]

  + Windows builds are now restricted to a single listener thread
    until incompatibility with the multiple listeners code can be
    addressed [RT #27696]

  + AAAA responses could be returned in the additional section even
    when filter-aaaa-on-v4 was in use. [RT #27292]

  + An error handling an out of memory condition could cause a stored
    rdataset to be freed twice using DNS64. [RT #27762]

  + Some query patterns could cause responses not to be returned
    in cyclic order though "rrset-order cyclic" was set.  [RT

  + named-compilezone now longer emits "dump zone to <file>" message
    when writing to stdout.  [RT #27109]

  + Sets isc_socket_ipv6only() on the IPv6 control channels.  This
    addresses IPv6 socket binding problems that can occur in some
    configurations when bindv6only=1 is set globally.   [RT #22249]

  + named now reports a syntax error when a TXT record longer than
    255 characters is configured.  [RT #26956]

  + Addresses race conditions in the resolver code that can cause
    named to abort.   [RT #26889]

  + Fixed a bug that could cause named to crash while loading a
    zone with invalid DNSKEY records.  [RT #26913]

  + Prevents  dig -6 +trace from terminating with an error when
    encountering a root nameserver without an AAAA record. RT #26906]

  + Prevents DNSKEY state change events from being missed by ensuring
    that the timestamps used to determine which keys are in use are
    set appropriately.  [RT #26874]

  + When processing a list of keys, named now consistently compares
    them with the same timestamp. [RT #26883]

  + Fixed a corner case race condition in the validator that may
    cause an assert in a multi-threaded build of BIND.  [RT #26478]

  + Poor error handling could cause named to hang during shutdown.
    [RT #26372]

  + named now correctly validates DNSSEC positive wildcard responses
    from NSEC3 signed zones. [RT #26200]

  + Fixes a problem with the computation of tags for revoked keys.
    [RT #26186]

  + Corrects a problem with change #3186.  dns_db_rpz_findips()
    could fail to set the database version correctly, causing an
    assertion failure. [RT #26180]

  + Master servers that had previously been marked as unreachable
    because of failed zone transfer attempts will now be removed
    from the "unreachable" list (i.e. considered reachable again)
    if the slave receives a NOTIFY message from them. [RT #25960]

  + Fixes a bug in zone.c where failure to delete signatures could
    lead to an assertion failure and subsequent abort. [RT #25880]

  + Corrects a problem validating root DS responses. [RT #25726]

  + Fixes a problem whereby "rndc dumpdb" could cause an assertion
    failure and abort by attempting to print an empty rdataset [RT

  + The order in which we process the reactivation of a dead node
    in cache and the incrementing of its reference count created a
    small timing window during which an inconsistency could be
    detected and an assert occur in a multi-threaded environment.
    This should no longer occur.  [RT #23219]

  + 'dig -y' would crash when passed an unknown TSIG algorithm. dig
    now handles unknown TSIG algorithms more gracefully. [RT #25522]

  + Servers that received negative responses from a forwarder were
    failing to cache the answers correctly, resulting in multiple
    queries for the same non-existent name being sent to the
    forwarders instead of answers being provided to clients from
    cache (until TTL expiry).  [RT #25380]

  + Corrected a bug which could cause a slave server with
    "allow-update-forwarding" set to become unresponsive if the
    master it is trying to reach is off-line or unreachable. [RT

  + Socket errors during during recursion were sometimes not handled
    correctly which could lead to a named assert when an associated
    query structure was used after it had already been freed [RT

  + The logging level for DNSSEC validation failures due to expired
    or not-yet-valid RRSIGs has been increased to log level "info"
    to make it easier to diagnose these problems. Examples of the
    new log messages are given below:

      03-Nov-2011 22:40:55.335 validating @0x7fccc401e5a0: A: verify failed due to bad
      signature (keyid=19442): RRSIG has expired

      03-Nov-2011 22:41:31.335 validating @0x12b5d80: A: verify failed due to
      bad signature (keyid=19442): RRSIG validity period has not

    [RT #21796]

  + This change can reduce the time when a server is unavailable
    during "rndc reconfig" for servers with large and complex
    configurations.  This is achieved by completing the parsing of
    the configuration files in entirety before entering the exclusive
    phase. (Note that it does not reduce the total time spent in
    "rndc reconfig", and it has no measurable impact on server
    initial start-up times.) [RT #21373]

  + Direct queries for type RRSIG or SIG (sometimes used while
    testing) could be handled incorrectly in the case where there
    is no answer available. [RT #21050]

Thank You

  Thank you to everyone who assisted us in making this release
  possible.  If you would like to contribute to ISC to assist us
  in continuing to make quality open source software, please visit
  our donations page at

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