ISC BIND 9.8.2 followup announcement

Evan Hunt each at
Tue Apr 10 23:05:52 UTC 2012

A cosmetic flaw was found in BIND 9.8.2 after publication:  the
release notes for BIND 9.8.1 were inadvertedly left in the tarball.
As this caused confusion among some users, ISC is re-publishing
BIND 9.8.2 with the spurious files removed.  Absolutely no other
changes have been made to the release.

As a result of this change, maintainers of distibutions which pull
directly from ISC may need to update checksums for the BIND 9.8.2
tarball.  No other users are likely to be affected.

New tarball:

    SHA256 (bind-9.8.2.tar.gz) =
    SHA1 (bind-9.8.2.tar.gz) =
    MD5 (bind-9.8.2.tar.gz) =

Old tarball:

    SHA256 (bind-9.8.2.tar.gz) =
    SHA1 (bind-9.8.2.tar.gz) =
    MD5 (bind-9.8.2.tar.gz) =

Evan Hunt -- each at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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