ISC BIND 9.8.2 followup announcement

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Wed Apr 11 15:42:23 UTC 2012

>> fyi, DLZ external has been broken post 9.8.1p1.  fails to compile with
>> an undefined reference to main.  both for 9.8.2 and 9.9.0
> Thanks for the heads-up.  Please open a bug ticket at bind9-bugs at,
> and include information about the OS you're building on.  I expect this is
> going to turn out to be a quirk of your OS: it's supposed to be building a
> dynamically loadable shared object, but seems to be trying to build an
> executable binary instead.  We'll need to fix it with a change to
> 'configure'.
> (For what it's worth, i.e. very little, it does work on all the platforms
> we routinely test.)

Certainly fine on baseline Solaris 8 on Sparc and i386 and Solaris 10
on Sparc 32-bit and 64-bit bins and x86_64. All with Sun Studio compilers.

So that's a fair test on SUSv3 and/or SVR4 UNIX.


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