journal rollforward failed: journal out of sync with zone

Cathy Almond cathya at
Fri Apr 13 08:20:41 UTC 2012

Is the journal file on the master (the source of the zone files that are
transferred via cron jobs) or on the slave (the recipient of the zone

Why are you using ixfr-from-differences - what operational purpose does
it serve for you?

The other thing to consider also is your operational processes.  If you
might occasionally have more than one instance running (albeit briefly
and or accidentally), bear in mind that both instances will be trying to
manage the .jnl files, and that this can lead to inconsistencies.

On 13/04/12 07:09, Bryton wrote:
> Mark,
> I also do "ixfr-from-differences" and this might be the reason I will
> now dig more into this.
> Thanks Mark for the clue.
> On 04/12/2012 10:05 PM, Mark Pettit wrote:
>> You don't necessarily have to get rid of the cron job to keep journal
>> files.
>> "ixfr-from-differences" is intentionally designed to allow you to
>> arbitrarily replace the zone file and yet continue to keep your .jnl
>> files.
>> However, I too have run into rollforward errors with my use of
>> "ixfr-from-differences" and overwriting the zone file.  It has to do
>> with how updates are processed and changes written to the journal.  I
>> have a bug open with ISC and they're working on it.
>> It's a very serious issue for us because it takes zones completely
>> offline, which is not acceptable in a production setting.
>> TL;DR: Be careful with ixfr-from-differences and make sure you're not
>> getting "rollforward" errors.
>> On Apr 12, 2012, at 9:46 AM, Chris Buxton wrote:
>>> On Apr 12, 2012, at 5:19 AM, Bryton wrote:
>>>> Not at all.Everything is automated via cron.Zone is generated from one
>>>> server cron pushes to another then cron reload bind...
>>> Figure out why you're getting a journal file. If you need to have a
>>> journal file (i.e. you need whatever mechanism caused it to be
>>> created), then you have to get rid of your cron job, or modify how it
>>> works. Arbitrarily replacing a zone file when there's a journal file
>>> can cause exactly the problem you're seeing.
>>> Chris Buxton
>>> BlueCat Networks
>>>> On 04/12/2012 02:03 PM, Phil Mayers wrote:
>>>>> On 12/04/12 11:50, Bryton wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> I have observer a SERVFAIL error in one of my zone.On checking the
>>>>>> logs
>>>>>> I realized there is this error
>>>>>> /journal rollforward failed: journal out of sync with zone/
>>>>>> I tried to learn more about it and I found out the solution is to
>>>>>> delete
>>>>>> the journal file and restart bind.I tried that and it works.Now I
>>>>>> wonder
>>>>>> what is the reason for such error and what the permanent solution to
>>>>>> mitigate it.
>>>>> Did you or someone else edit the zone file by hand, without
>>>>> "freeze"/"thaw" the zone first?

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