Configuring CNAME for

Tobias Krais tux-spam at
Tue Apr 17 13:50:22 UTC 2012

Hi Phil,

>> 1. Don't use bind but e.g. unbound instead.

First: here the link to follow on the unbound mailing list:

>> Any other ideas I missed?
> 3. Use RPZ, as per Chris' suggestion
> 4. Create a zone for "" and instead of CNAME, put an A
> record at the apex with the same IP as "". Run a
> script FREQUENTLY to re-resolve the host, as Google do short-TTL
> DNS-based loadbalancing.
> 5. Don't do this at all, since interfering with SSL is bad.

Thanks for that hint. I'll give it a try if the unbound solution won't work.



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