Slave zone configuration -- purpose of forward/forwarders?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sun Apr 22 13:22:57 UTC 2012

On 4/20/2012 10:55 AM, John Wingenbach wrote:
> I've noticed the support in ARM for specifying both the "forward" and 
> "forwarders" configuration in a zone stanza for "slave" zones.  What 
> is the purpose and value of specifying such?  It seems contradictory 
> and confusing.

Yes, it is confusing IMO, but "forwarders { };" is how you turn off 
forwarding for subzones of a slave or stub zone, if you have forwarding 
defined at a higher level of the hierarchy, or globally (i.e. in the 
"options" statement). That's why it's allowed in a slave or stub definition.

I've always thought this should be made more explicit, e.g. 
"forward-subzones yes|no", or "inherit-forwarding yes|no", but hey, I 
didn't get a vote on that...

                                                         - Kevin

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