Exclude a domain from DNSSEC validation, like Unbound's "domain-insecure".

Fr34k freaknetboy at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 19:28:00 UTC 2012

Great question (Augie) and great feedback (JP).

As DNSSEC is adopted, some type of mitigation process will be welcomed.
For that reason, I think this is on topic.

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>Subject: Re: Exclude a domain from DNSSEC validation, like Unbound's "domain-insecure".
>> Is there a way to exclude a domain from DNSSEC validation, like
>> Unbound's "domain-insecure"?
>That is regrettably not possible at the moment, at least not in BIND
>The only (quite impracticable) workaround would be to define the zone
>authoritatively yourself and populate it somehow... (I did say
>impracticable, didn't I?)
>> For example if a popular site ( say nasa.gov ) updates their keys
>> incorrectly so that their domain fails validation, you contact their
>> admins. and with a high level of confidence you determine this is a
>> configuration mistake and  not a security breach, you can then
>> exclude them from DNSSEC validation so your customers can access their
>> site while they fix their error.
>From a Comcast talk at SATIN 2012 I believe they called that a "negative
>trust anchor", and IIRC, the author wanted to publish a draft of its
>operation. Haven't seen it yet though, and it's probably off topic as
>regards BIND.
>        -JP
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