Can't receive emails from another machine

Stayvoid stayvoid at
Fri Aug 3 00:23:10 UTC 2012

> To check whether BIND is your problem simply run "dig -t MX <domainname>" on
> the host that is trying to send the email to your mail host.  If it returns
> the right IP address for your mail host then BIND isn't the problem.

I can't do this because I tried to send it from gmail.

> As Jeff Lightner said, this really isn't the right forum, but you need to
> check what the sending server is failing on.  Check the logs there.  Is it
> unable to resolve the domain for the message?  Is it unable to connect?

> Find the disease before asking for a cure.

This is an error message from gmail's mail delivery subsystem:

"DNS Error: Domain name not found"

For some reason I overlooked it.

Is it connected with my zone file settings (which are specified on the
side of my registrar) or with BIND?


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