Delayed Zone Transfers?

Jiann-Ming Su su_js1 at
Mon Aug 6 15:49:38 UTC 2012

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> Subject: Re: Delayed Zone Transfers?
> Jiann-Ming Su wrote:
>>  What would cause a delay in zone transfers?  The notify go out
>>  immediately when the serial number changes on the master, but some of the
>>  secondaries can take up to 10 minutes before initiating the zone
>>  transfer.  Also, even after the zone has been transferred, the secondary
>>  will not immediately serve out the new data.  I'm running 9.8.1-P1, 
> soon
>>  to be 9.8.3-P2.  Thanks for any insights.
> A large backlog of zone transfers on the slave?

I don't think that's the case for mine.  Here's an example of a 14 minute delay after receiving a notify:

06-Aug-2012 11:20:36.575 notify: client view hc: received notify for zone 'uts-sa.mydomain.ddns': TSIG ''
06-Aug-2012 11:34:36.177 general: zone uts-sa.mydomain.ddns/IN/all: Transfer started.
06-Aug-2012 11:34:36.178 xfer-in: transfer of 'uts-sa.mydomain.ddns/IN' from connected using
06-Aug-2012 11:34:36.184 general: zone uts-sa.mydomain.ddns/IN/all: transferred serial 2010585436: TSIG ''
06-Aug-2012 11:34:36.184 xfer-in: transfer of 'uts-sa.mydomain.ddns/IN' from end of transfer
06-Aug-2012 11:34:36.185 notify: zone uts-sa.mydomain.ddns/IN/all: sending notifies (serial 2010585436)

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