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Mark Andrews marka at
Sun Aug 19 22:12:57 UTC 2012

In message <77C3C98B-001A-43C3-A56A-E672D4640262 at>, Jeff Justice
> Jeremy, it is exactly as you asked.  Apparently the "real" version is display
> ed using certain commands, and the "user-defined" version is displayed in oth
> er places.
> I have since learned that you get different version output from dig, named -v
> , and a dns query and the version statement only affects specific outputs.  S
> o it depends on how it's queried.  That doesn't seem clear in the documentati
> on unless I missed it...thus my confusion.

I really don't know what is "unclear" about what version does?

                  The version the server should report
                  via a query of the name <literal>version.bind</literal>
                  with type <command>TXT</command>, class <command>CHAOS</command>.
                  The default is the real version number of this server.
                  Specifying <command>version none</command>
                  disables processing of the queries.

> Jeff
> On Aug 18, 2012, at 6:10 PM, Jeremy C. Reed <jreed at> wrote:
> > How are you testing it? Where do you see the wrong version?
> > 
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