dns_query_createvia: failed address not available

SM sm at resistor.net
Sun Aug 19 23:31:03 UTC 2012

Hi Merton,
At 16:02 19-08-2012, Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:
>Hopefully someone on this list can identify what is triggering the 
>"dns_query_createvia" error.  I haven't encountered this particular 
>error in the last 25 years of mucking with named.
>The error results in named to fail to load slave zones when it is 
>first loaded if the zone files are not present.  When the slave zone 
>files are present, they are loaded but zone transfers are not 
>performed to refresh the zone data.  The following named.log excerpt 
>was created by using a "rndc refresh ad.gd-ais.com" command to force 
>a refresh of the zone data.
>19-Aug-2012 18:28:48.575 general: info: received control channel 
>command 'refresh ad.gd-ais.com'
>19-Aug-2012 18:28:48.575 general: debug 1: queue_soa_query: zone 
>AD.GD-AIS.COM/IN: enter
>19-Aug-2012 18:28:48.575 general: debug 1: soa_query: zone 
>AD.GD-AIS.COM/IN: enter
>19-Aug-2012 18:28:48.575 general: debug 3: dns_request_createvia
>19-Aug-2012 18:28:48.575 general: debug 3: req_destroy: request 0x3b7e18
>19-Aug-2012 18:28:48.575 general: debug 3: dns_request_createvia: 
>failed address not available

Is an IP address specified for pulling the zone in the configuration 
file?  Is the IP address bound to one of the available interfaces?


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