How to validate SRV record?

Nikolay Shaplov n at
Thu Aug 23 15:52:28 UTC 2012


I am trying to write a validator for name field of SRV record, and I met 
several issues I can not understand. May be you can help me with that.

0. Bind does not really validate name of SRV record:


is considered to be correct record. (BIND 9.7.3) So I can not use bind to get 
what is right and what is wrong.

1. RFC 2782 says that name field should have this format:


1.1. Name as far as I get, should be validated as a common hostname. Am I 
1.2. Service should be validated according to RFC 6335
1.3. What algorithm should be used to validate Proto? I can use the same as 
for Service, but are there any strict guide lines about that?

2.  RFC 2782 has the following example:

      @               SOA (
                          1995032001 3600 3600 604800 86400 )
      ; foobar - use old-slow-box or new-fast-box if either is
      ; available, make three quarters of the logins go to
      ; new-fast-box.
      _foobar._tcp    SRV 0 1 9
                       SRV 0 3 9
      ; if neither old-slow-box or new-fast-box is up, switch to
      ; using the sysdmin's box and the server
                       SRV 1 0 9
                       SRV 1 0 9
      server           A
      old-slow-box     A
      sysadmins-box    A
      new-fast-box     A
      ; NO other services are supported
      *._tcp          SRV  0 0 0 .
      *._udp          SRV  0 0 0 .

From it I can get, that _Service can be replaced by '*' and both _Service and 
_Proto  can be ommited.

2.1. Where in 2782 or in other RFCs it is said that _Service can be replaced 
with asterisk? Can _Proto be replaced whith asterisk too?

2.2. Where in 2782 or in other RFCs it is said that _Service._Proto can be 
omitted as shown in example? how all this would work it this case?

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