Zone Transfer issue on BIND9

John Wingenbach bind at
Sat Aug 25 15:48:47 UTC 2012

The problem pointed out in your 'match-clients' is the first glaring

What you need to understand is that from the point of BIND, your slave
server is treated the same (from the view ) as any "client" for the
master and vice versa.

So, the communication between master and slave needs to be taken into
account along with "real" clients.

Breaking down your views along w/ the files, it appears you want to
have 3 unique zone files for the same domains being transferred from
master to slave.  That means you need to define 3 unique paths between
master and slave.  Given that, if you are going to only use one IP, you
need to use 2 keys.  For example, TSIG1-KEY, TSIG2-KEY and the 'other'

I'd heavily recommend following the other advice and simplify your test
scenario.  Get the communication working for a single unique zone file
across the 3 views between the master and slave.  Then add in whatever
other acls needed to support non-master/slave comm.  Once you have
that, then augment it with the rest of zones you need to support.

-- John

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