ho to filter hundeds of domains ?

Russell Jones russell at jonesmail.me
Thu Aug 30 14:28:07 UTC 2012

On 8/30/2012 8:46 AM, WBrown at e1b.org wrote:
> Russell Jones wrote on 08/30/2012 09:39:17 AM:
>> Normal web filtering software that auto updates is a better
>> approach. Using Bind with a manual list of domains to try to achieve
>> this is like trying to kill an ant hill 1 ant at a time
> There are several sources of RPZ data such as Spamhaus and SURBL.  Both
> are respected sources of spam filtering data.
> (Disclosure: My employer subscribes to both for spam filtering, I have no
> financial stake)

Oh I know, I use spamhaus myself for spam filtering - catches a 
ridiculous amount of spam. It is my understanding though the OP wants to 
filter domains for NSFW web browsing, not spam - specifically gambling 

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