bind9.9.0rc2 inline signing tests

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Feb 1 06:49:08 UTC 2012

In message <7610864823C0D04D89342623A3ADC9DE2E2F09C7 at>, "S
pain, Dr. Jeffry A." writes:
> > Hostnames can't begin with a hyphen (RFC 952).  Domain names can start wi=
> th anything.
> I guess that makes the syntax "rndc sync [-clean] [zone [class [view]]]" un=
> avoidably ambiguous. Maybe a way around this would be a new command "rndc c=
> lean [zone [class [view]]]".

	You can use "\045" instead of "-" in the label, 45 is the decimal
	value of the ascii character dash.

		e.g. rndc sync "\045clean"

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