bind-9.8.1-P1: Recursive failed on fresh config

Drunkard Zhang gongfan193 at
Fri Feb 3 06:55:07 UTC 2012

2012/2/2 Mark Andrews <marka at>:
>        CNAME as nameservers *cannot* be made reliable.  Static-stub
>        can be used as a workaround but it doesn't scale.
>        Misconfiguration like this just need to be fixed.

Thanks, I digged rfcs, and found THE misconfig scene in rfc1912:

2.4 CNAME records

   A CNAME record is not allowed to coexist with any other data.  In
   other words, if suzy.podunk.xx is an alias for sue.podunk.xx, you
   can't also have an MX record for, or an A record, or
   even a TXT record.  Especially do not try to combine CNAMEs and NS

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