zone serial (0) unchanged. zone may fail to transfer to slaves.

Mark Andrews marka at
Mon Feb 6 07:06:27 UTC 2012

In message <7610864823C0D04D89342623A3ADC9DE2E2FD4D2 at>, "Spain, D
r. Jeffry A." writes:
> >> named (BIND 9.7.4-P1)
> >>  err named[9964]: 05-Feb-2012 17:23:16.586 general: error: zone
> >> 127.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN/internal: zone serial (0) unchanged. zone may fail=20
> >> to transfer to slaves.
> > Ignore it.  The message is suppressed in the next maintence release.
> I see similar messages in 9.9.0rc2, where I have configured a server to rec=
> eive unsigned zones for DNSSEC inline signing from a bind10-devel-20120119 =
> hidden master and to serve the signed zones to two bind10-devel-20120119 sl=
> aves:
> Feb  4 15:53:46 nsb0s named[9090]: zone (signed): zone serial =
> (2012013003) unchanged. zone may fail to transfer to slaves.
> The 9.9.0rc2 server is configured with the option "notify explicit;" and th=
> e zones, which are of type slave, are configured with masters { <address of=
>  bind10 hidden master> }; and "also notify { <addresses of bind10 slaves> }=
> ;". Is it this particular configuration that triggers this message? or shou=
> ld I look for other issues? or should this message be ignored in this conte=
> xt as well? Thanks. Jeff.
> Jeffry A. Spain
> Network Administrator
> Cincinnati Country Day School
I suspect that is is benign.  Had you just thawed the server/zone?

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