possible to create simple DNS server that effects mapping network drive?

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Nevermind on this question... I seem to have stumbled upon a simpler approach that holds promise. Will send out again if things change. Sorry for any confusion. 

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Subject: possible to create simple DNS server that effects mapping network drive? 

Hi, I'm new to BIND, and was wondering if it would be a good fit for my application. 

I need to map a remote Linux CentOS 6.2 drive onto my Mac Snow Leopard machine. I currently use Panic Transmit for this. The mapping process uses SFPT protocol and results in a the hostname of: host3.mydomain.com. So everytime the Mac contacts the server, it enters the server port 80 using a hostname of host3.mydomain.com. I cannot change this within Panic Transmit, but I need this network drive to have any name other than host3.mydomain.com. That is the requests coming from the Mac must enter port 80 using a hostname other than host3.mydomain.com. 

Is there a way I can (easily, I'm not a Linux system admin) use BIND as a DNS server to change the mapped network drive name (to anything other than host3.mydomain.com), without effecting other parts of the server (it can't have any effect on the httpd.conf file used by Apache webserver, which is auto-configured using Cpanel based on the hostname of the server)? 

Looking at /etc/hosts, I see there are a few aliases for the IP of the server, maybe we can use one of those (or something else)?: 

# more /etc/hosts 
xx.xxx.xxx.196 host3.mydomain.com host3 ns1.mydomain.com 

I used yum list bind to see I have bind.x86_64 (32:9.7.3-8.P3.el6_2.2) already installed on the CentOS 6.2 server. 

Please don't assume much prior knowledge in your responses (although I know my way around Linux somewhat, I don't know much about DNS servers). Thanks in advance. 
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