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Tue Feb 21 17:51:23 UTC 2012


  I'm looking for advice on an issue.  I have a publicly registered domain which we also use internally.  I have bind configured as a caching DNS server.  Bind is configured to use four other Windows DNS servers as forwarders for the domain.  Bind should be using the root servers for anything not configured to forward.

  Bind replies with the correct name record when I perform a query using the fqdn for a machine.  However, the authority and additional portion of the query returns the root servers.

  The Windows DNS servers are returned if I perform a query for the NS records of the internal domain.

  Subsequent DNS queries using the fqdn show the appropriate, internal Windows DNS servers.

  I don't understand why BIND is attempting to resolve the private, internal domain using the root servers when I have a forwarders statement in my configuration file specifying our internal DNS servers.

  Is there an article that addresses this issue or can someone please point me to the correct resource so I can understand what is going on?

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