bind dies with assertion failure

Evan Hunt each at
Tue Jul 3 06:49:34 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jul 02, 2012 at 07:16:40PM -0500, Oscar Ricardo Silva wrote:
> I *THINK* I found the reason for why we're exposed to this bug ... It 
> would appear that Redhat based their BIND package on 9.8.2rc1.  Guess 
> where the patch for this bug was applied?  9.8.2rc2.

Sigh.  It wouldn't be the first time someone has produced a binary
package using a release candidate (or even alpha or beta) version of the
code instead of waiting for a final release, and doubtless it won't be the
last either, but I think I can speak for the entire BIND 9 development team
when I say: "that really isn't a good idea; please don't do that anymore."

If you're in a position to download and build source, the latest release
of 9.8.x is at and new releases
are announced on this mailing list when they occur.

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