bind dies with assertion failure

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I disagree about this being off topic.   It IS in fact a BIND question but like many BIND implementations is specific to the user's setup.

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 > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed  >  > I may have missed something but has this been patched in a 9.8.x version  > of BIND?  According to the 9.9.0 release notes this has been addressed  > but just wondering about the availability for other vulnerable versions.
 >   Also, is there a known trigger?
 > The reason I'm running is that we're currently running the stock version  > of BIND available with RHEL6.  It's their policy to backport patches and  > if there's a patch available then they may apply it faster rather than  > deploying a new version.
 > Oscar

Since this problem is likely being caused by the version of BIND provided by Redhat and not with the release version, this issue is not pertinent to the list. I don't want to clutter up the list with off-topic conversations.

If anyone is interested in Redhat's response we can take the conversation offlist but I'm not hopeful they'll do anything about it.
While it's always better to compile and install from the latest stable version, it's also nice to use their package management system especially when you have to deal with multiple systems.

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