getting edns disabling message in logs

Ben benjo11111 at
Wed Jul 4 06:12:28 UTC 2012

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your kind response. Disabling EDNS due to firewall 
misconfiguration, raise any problem to DNS activity.? I mean my users 
face any name resolution problesms or ...?

Is there any way that we can show that current disabling EDNS happens by 
firewall issue ?

> Ben <benjo11111 at> wrote:
>> We run bind as caching only dns server for our customers. In logs, i can
>> see so many entries which tells
>> success resolving 'x.y.z/A' (in '.'?) after disabling EDNS
>> How to check that current bind installation has EDNS enabled or ?
>> what could be reason behind it?
> BIND has EDNS enabled by default. These log messages indicate that BIND is
> trying and failing to make EDNS queries. This is usually caused by a
> misconfigured firewall between the name server and the rest of the
> Internet.
> Tony.

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