DNSSEC - NSEC3 - name.c:1715: INSIST(nlabels == name->labels) failed

Noel Rocha noel at noelrocha.com
Fri Jul 6 15:18:10 UTC 2012


I have this error in my bind9(9.7.0 - last version for ubuntu 10.04 LTS):

name.c:1715: INSIST(nlabels == name->labels) failed

It's generated after running this query:
dig store4.foobar.mydomain.com @localhost +dnssec

Subdomain "store4.foobar" doesnt exists, then should return a NSEC3 
record, but is returned that error.

I have more 3 servers with same configuration(software and hardware) but 
only this server gives error. I cant undestand, Why only one server 
gives error? Suggestions?

And any solutions?

Thanks in advanced,

Best regards,
Noel Rocha

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