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Wed Jul 11 22:55:12 UTC 2012

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> while it's largely personal preference -- i generally like to "be
> conservative in what i send, and liberal in what i accept":

This doesn't refer to quantity, but to how strictly you should adhere to 
the specification.

> it's not violating RFCs to send the full data so it's not technically
> "wrong".  however, if sending back too much data is known to cause
> problems in some cases and can potentially be used against you...then it
> seems wise to take the minimal path.

As long as you stay under the traditional 500 byte limit, I think you're 
being conservative enough.  "Liberal" would be depending on EDNS0 

However, I think it's reasonable to adhere to the following policy:

Caching nameserver: minimal-responses yes.  The clients of these are 
primarily stub resolvers, which probably won't cache the additional 
data, so it's a waste of bandwidth and could potentially cause problems.

Authoritative nameserver: minimal-responses no.  The clients are almost 
all caching nameservers, and they'll cache what they can.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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