Operation Cancelled Error

Ben benjo11111 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 23:49:21 UTC 2012

I am doing load testing on our local caching dns.But while doing it , i 
added google dns and some other dns ips as forwarder to test QPS.
Even if I am not using any forwarder in that case also, I am having 
those same error which i was getting.

I am confusing that those errors are due to bind misconfiguration or 
something else?

If someone share his experience with it, What are the maximum QPS 
handled by bind? that is good to understand more.

> Hi Ben,
> At 05:37 11-07-2012, Ben wrote:
>> Actually, I am doing load testing with my CACHING DNS SERVER, and for 
>> that i setup one client machine which sent queries to CACHING DNS 
>> SERVER, and while doing this , i got below given erros in log.So is 
>> point to any network problem or any fine tunning / configuration 
>> required to bind?
>> I am using google public dns ips as forwarder in named.conf
> Are you doing load testing on Google's DNS server?
> Regards,
> -sm

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