BIND 9.9.1-P1 reload bug

Cathy Almond cathya at
Thu Jul 12 08:25:08 UTC 2012

On 12/07/12 08:20, Michael Hoskins (michoski) wrote:
> stupid question: i spent all of five minutes looking around -- but
> i did click all the top-level bind-related links, and couldn't find a
> pointer to rt to search for this ticket.  does it require a support
> contract, is it internal-only, or am i just looking in the wrong place?
> i wanted to read the gory details because we have an internal system that
> frequently rndc reloads after dynamic config changes...and it might be
> wise to put that on hold based on the involved OS, BIND version, etc.

The bug tracking information is currently internal-only, even if you
have a support contract (although for those with a support contract,
there is more help and information available via the support team).

However, if it's useful for you - the underlying feature that makes this
abort possible is in all of 9.8.x and 9.9.x although we don't know why
this crash has only been reported recently (9.9.1), so there could be
other factors involved making it more likely to occur in the latest
releases (but race conditions are often like that).


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