Fwd: Fwd: disabling "Any" requests

Dns Administrator dnsadmdns at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 06:37:56 UTC 2012

I though that it was a bit drastic removing the requests with iptables
I altered the code slightly - it appears to have the desired effect

ns_query_start() from query.c

  if (dns_rdatatype_ismeta(qtype)) {
                switch (qtype) {
                case dns_rdatatype_any:
                        /* break; Let query_find handle it. */
                        ns_client_next(client, ISC_R_NOTIMPLEMENTED);
                case dns_rdatatype_ixfr:
                case dns_rdatatype_axfr:
                        ns_xfr_start(client, rdataset->type);
                case dns_rdatatype_maila:
                case dns_rdatatype_mailb:
                        query_error(client, DNS_R_NOTIMP, __LINE__);
                case dns_rdatatype_tkey:
                        result = dns_tkey_processquery(client->message,
                        if (result == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
                                query_error(client, result, __LINE__);
                default: /* TSIG, etc. */
                        query_error(client, DNS_R_FORMERR, __LINE__);

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Peter wrote on 07/13/2012 04:26:55 AM:

> ps I haven't stumbled across any coax cabling since the last millenium

Wirecutters work on twisted pair just as well.  And as a extra bonus, they
work on fiber cables too!

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