Slave DNS

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at
Sat Jul 21 19:20:17 UTC 2012

> IIRC that will add the zone to the master, the question, as I heard it, 
> was to add it to the slave server, to avoid disturbing the owner of 
> the slave to manually editing the slave config.

With `rndc addzone' you specify whether you are adding a master or slave
zone, just as you would in named.conf, with all required options.

> I don't recall any possibility to do this, a new zone on the master may 
> have it's own set of slaves, unlike any previous, so there is no way to 
> automagically stuff a new zone into "some" slaves.

There is:

        rndc addzone fff.aa in internal '{type slave; file "fff.aa";
                masters {; };};'


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