rndc stats command

Ben benjo11111 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 15:47:52 UTC 2012


Thanks for your kind response. sorry for the delay.

Currently i make a logic with shell scripts is that

i run my statistics.sh by cron via every 1 minute and collect INCOMING 


Let say i run first time : 10.00 AM
First i clean named_Stat file and then run rndc stats command so it will 
write statistics to named_stat file and then i collect incoming query 
numbers and cache hit ratio.

Second time run same logic : 10.01 AM
so this time i again get incoming query numbers and hit ratio value and 
while plotting these by rrdtool, i remove old value ( 10.00 AM ) from 
current value ( 10.01 AM) and get actual value.

same fashion, i run above logic for time frame.

Kindly correct me , if i am running wrong logic.

when i run rndc stats , it gives me full outpur.can i get only certain 
output from it by any command or something?

My concern is that to find QPS / no. of queries per RR / hit ratio.

Best Regards,
> On Jul 18 2012, Ben wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As per man page and my understanding rndc stats writes a current 
>> named statistics into defined file in named.conf
>> so suppose, if i run rndc stats command and then i take required 
>> information from named statistics file.
>> And after some time, ( after 5 minutes or approx.) when i do again 
>> rndc stats , so that times it provides new statistics.?
>> My understanding is that while running rndc stats , it writes current 
>> named statistics to defined file and internally it flush named 
>> statistics ( which wrote into file as per named.conf )
>> And while second time run same command , again it append fresh/new 
>> named statistics to defined fiel, is it so?
>> Or is there any interval for rndc / named to generate fresh/new 
>> statistics.?
>> Kindly correct me if I am missing something...
> I think you are missing at least the following:
> "rndc stats" *appends* to the statistics file. It doesn't overwrite
> any previous contents.
> "rndc stats" does not reset the internal statistics counters (I take
> it that was what you meant by "flush"). They are always accumulative
> from when named was last started.
> From two successive set of ststistics written by "rndc stats", you
> can deduce what happened during the interval by taking the difference
> in the values of corresponding counters, and to deduce rates you
> divide by the length of the interval which you can deduce from
> the difference in their timestamps
> +++ Statistics Dump +++ (1342566900)
> ...
> --- Statistics Dump --- (1342566900)
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^
> which are in time_t format (seconds since the Unix epoch).
> [What's annoyingly missing, by the way, is the time when named was
> in fact started. That's present in the XML on the statistics channel,
> but not in the file written by "rndc stats".]

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