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John Miller johnmill at
Mon Jul 23 21:13:48 UTC 2012

Hey there folks,

I was just going back through the good ol' cricket book, and ran into 
the following:

"If you use multiple nameserver directives, don't use the loopback 
address!  There's a bug in some Berkeley-derived TCP/IP implementations 
that can cause  problems with BIND if the local nameserver is down. The 
resolver's connected datagram socket won't rebind to a new local address 
if the local nameserver isn't running, and consequently the resolver 
sends query packets to the fallback remote nameservers with a source 
address of When the remote nameservers try to reply, they end 
up sending the reply packets to themselves."

Given that this same text is in the fourth edition of Cricket & Paul's 
book as well, I'm assuming this was an old bug (pre-BIND 9) and has long 
since been fixed.  Could someone point me to a bug report and/or 
changelog for this?  A quick Google search for 'bind resolver source 
address bug' didn't yield much.

John Miller
Systems Engineer
Brandeis University
johnmill at

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