bind 9.9.1-P1 renamed some slaves zone files. How to prevent it to do so?

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Tue Jul 24 21:49:41 UTC 2012

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> Hello,
> I have bind 9.9.1-P1 as a slave dns. I noticed that it couldn't access some z
> ones from the master server, and it renamed some zone files to "db-xxxxxxxx"
> The following message was logged:
> "zone unable to load from ''; renaming file to 'db-L3
> yXPcbQ' for failure analysis and retransferring."
> My question is how to make the slave server not to touch the zone file (and k
> eep serving the zone) if the master dns server weren't available?
> Alberto

As of BIND 9.9.0 the default file format for slave zones is now
'raw'.  This was done to speed up the loading of the server.

The first time you run named after upgrading from a earlier version
it will attempt to load the backup file.  This will fail and the
standard error handling will kick in.  Named renames the backup
file for later analysis, logs that it is doing this then it retransfers
the zone from the master.  The zone will then be written to disk in
raw format.

If you switch back to a earlier version named will do the same thing except
the file will be written in master (text) format.

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