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Wed Jul 25 23:07:05 UTC 2012

On Jul 25 2012, WBrown at wrote:

>Chris Buxton <chris.p.buxton at> wrote on 07/25/2012 12:07:22 PM:
>> > It doesn't sync the files to make two equal copies. It applies all of 
>> > outstanding transactions in the journal file to the zone file and then 
>> > empties the journal.
>> I don't believe that is entirely correct. The journal file needs to 
>> be retained to support ixfrs. My understanding is that it will be 
>> automatically trimmed to max-journal-size, if that option is set.
>Do you know how it determines what is kept?

When the journal file reaches the max-journal-size value, roughly the
first half of it is discarded. But there are other actions that can
discard the whole journal file, such as "rndc freeze" on a type master
zone, "rndc retransfer" on a type slave one, etc.

To find out if a journal file goes back far enough for your purposes,
use the named-journalprint utility distributed with BIND. Although I
have to say I would hate to be dependent on this way of recovering a
lost zone file: you should probably be rethinking your whole backup
and recovery strategy.

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