TTL in Bad Cache

Drunkard Zhang gongfan193 at
Fri Jul 27 01:37:21 UTC 2012

2012/7/27 Yingdi Yu <yuyingdi at>:
> Hi,
> Is there anyone who knows how long an answer that fails in verification can
> stay in the bad cache of BIND? Thanks!
Try max-ncache-ttl option.

>From ARM:
To reduce network traffic and increase performance, the server stores
negative answers. max-ncache-ttl is used to set a maximum retention
time for these answers in the server in seconds. The default
max-ncache-ttl is 10800 seconds (3 hours). max-ncache-ttl cannot
exceed 7 days and will be silently truncated to 7 days if set to a
greater value.

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