Can't receive emails from another machine

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To check whether BIND is your problem simply run "dig -t MX <domainname>" on the host that is trying to send the email to your mail host.  If it returns the right IP address for your mail host then BIND isn't the problem.

For iptables/postfix this isn't really the right forum.   You might want to try posting your question at some place like

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I'm using Postfix.
I can send / receive emails from / to localhost via telnet. [1] But I can't receive emails from another machine.

I guess that there are three variants:
1. Postfix doesn't work properly;
2. Bind doesn't work properly;
3. IPTables doesn't work properly.

I can't be 100% sure but I think that it's not connected with Postfix.
So I have to check Bind or / and IPTables.

I hope that you'll help me to check my Bind settings.
What should I paste?


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