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Very helpful.
The search word in the file is 'options'.

options {\n\
#       blackhole {none;};\n"
#ifndef WIN32
"       coresize default;\n\
        datasize default;\n\
        files default;\n\
        stacksize default;\n"
"       deallocate-on-exit true;\n\
#       directory <none>\n\
        dump-file \"named_dump.db\";\n\
        fake-iquery no;\n\
        has-old-clients false;\n\
        heartbeat-interval 60;\n\
        host-statistics no;\n\
        interface-interval 60;\n\
        listen-on {any;};\n\
        listen-on-v6 {none;};\n\
The file also includes defaults for 'view' and 'zone'.

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>Is there a command for bind that will list all Options default names and
>settings in named.conf?
>Might be helpful in understanding why bind is acting a certin way.

Not really...  if you download and build source, there's a tool that
will print all the supported options (bin/tests/cfg_test --named --grammar)
but it doesn't print the default settings.

But, if you've downloaded the source anyway, the defaults for nearly every
option are set in bin/named/config.c -- scroll down to where it says
"default configuration" and read from there.

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