transfer the same zone from a split-view master

Carlos Raúl Laguna Mendoza carlosr at
Wed Jun 6 00:45:31 UTC 2012

El 05/06/12 20:24, Chris Buxton escribió:
> On Jun 5, 2012, at 1:50 PM, Carlos Raúl Laguna Mendoza wrote:
>> Hi everyone still stuck with this can anyone through some light here i need transfer a several iqual zone from two views in my master server but the slave server only has one ip so i read something about using TSIG to get this done but so far nothing, can anyone explain to me how should look the config of the view and zone in the master and slave server.Regards and thanks
> Check the FAQ.
> In short:
> - Create two TSIG keys, one per view.
> - Configure those keys on each server (master and slave).
> - In each view on the master, use match-clients to match one key and not the other -- put the TSIG keys first, before any IP addresses.
> - In each view on each server (master and slave), use a server statement referencing the other server and designating the key for that view.
> - Remove the zone files from the slave server.
> - 'rndc reload' on both servers.
> - Check the logs and the slave's zone files.
> Chris Buxton
> BlueCat Networks
It work like a charm* this small detail was missing (put the TSIG key 
first) the rest was already on,
thank you so much really. Best regards

Carlos R Laguna

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